It’s been a while since I’ve posted because

A. I have run out of ways to describe that book I’ve read fifty times now about the girl who marries the guy and then he turns out to be a psycho and

B. I’m embarrassed that I can’t stop buying and reading books about the girl who marries the guy who turns out to be a psycho.

I mean, just because the publishing industry won’t stop churning them out, there is no law that says I have to keep reading them. But I keep reading them. Send help.

Well, now that I’ve brought it up, let me just flash review some of them, you’re welcome.

Lie to Me by J.T. Ellison: I read this book less than a week ago, and just had to go to Goodreads to remember what it was about, but now I’m refreshed. This is about a couple of rich writers living in Nashville and the wife writer disappears and the husband writer is a suspect. There’s a body. There’s weird enabler friends. There is a whole sub-story about Paris I think? It passed the time, I was happy it was a library book but I didn’t hate it. B-


The Last Mrs. Parrish by Liv Constantine: This one is about rich people in Connecticut so… original. The twist here is kind of that everyone in this story is terrible, not just the guy. This counts as refreshing because feminism. There’s a marriage that looks good but is obviously not good (aka ‘marriage’), there is a scheming younger woman out to steal yo man and at first I was like ‘ugh, she’s terrible’ and then eventually I was like ‘eh, okay, steal him’ and then there are twisty turns. I liked it better than Lie to Me because sociopaths are real, you guys. B


Keep Her Safe by Sophie Hannah: I nearly didn’t hate myself when I read this one. The basic story is that a Plucky British Woman Who Has Had It With Her Ungrateful Family (my favorite genre of woman) takes off without telling anyone to a resort in Arizona and then finds herself in the middle of a crazy mystery involving a child who the world thinks was murdered years before. Extra points for the totally original premise. Minus a little for the batshit reality television angle – I am reading this book so I don’t have to think about what is happening on television – and the ending is a little bananas but overall, it’s pretty fun. B+


Anatomy of a Scandal by Sarah Vaughan: I almost don’t want to include this one in this list because it’s the best of the bunch but here we go. This one is about a British politician accused of raping his mistress and we switch pov between his long suffering wife Sophie and the prosecutor Kate. There’s a lot of fogginess about truth and lies and not to get all Pontius Pilate-y on you here but it gets to the question of ‘what is truth’ anyway in an interesting way. I liked this one a lot – figuring out the twist pretty early doesn’t detract from the great writing and the interesting look inside the British court system. This is less of a domestic thriller and more of just a good book. A-


Now that I’ve gotten all of that off my chest, I will proceed to the non-sociopathic books I have managed to squeeze in lately, including two YA books that are extraordinary.


Happy Reading!