Hooray! My favorite child detective, Flavia de Luce is back! Well, almost back, January 30, 2018 to be precise for you guys, but thanks to NetGalley and the publisher, I was lucky enough to get an advanced copy of the ninth book in this extraordinary series, The Grave’s a Fine and Private Place. I meant for that to sound less show-offy but YAY I got an advanced copy and it was wonderful. When last we left our intrepid heroine (spoiler alert if you didn’t read book #9 – review here) she was plunged into grief after finally returning from Canada only to have her father pass away. Though I never for a minute believed that she would do anything as helpless as letting harm befall her, I did wonder how our Flavia would cope with so much loss at a young age.



In Grave’s, we pick up six months later to see that Flavia and her sisters and their beloved Dogger are spending their summer paddling along the river stopping for picnics and staying at Inns along the way. This is a lot of inactivity for our restless young genius (barely any chemistry to do!) and soon enough we spice things up by finding a body, which leads to a small town, St. Mildred’s-in-the-Marsh, with a lot of secrets just waiting to be torn open.



There is more than one mystery to be solved here, and Flavia teams up with Dogger and even Daphne and Ophelia this time, to make sure they are. This book is so fun and inventive and Flavia is doing exactly the right amount of growing up and adding skills to her arsenal, and the result is a much lighter take than the last two books.  These books make me laugh out loud and this book in particular has an ending with a setup that can carry this series forever. So much fun.



The Grave’s a Fine and Private Place – Grade A