“She refused to be one of those girls who gave up on everything they’d been planning simply because a boy entered the picture.”
― Sandhya MenonWhen Dimple Met Rishi


I feel you, girl that way lies madness.  First I must tell you that I’m on a bit of a YA tear.  Not sure why, except that my ability to manage complex adult problems in a competent way diminishes by the day and reading about 18 year olds trying not to fall in love is semi-helpful.  I have been hearing a lot about When Dimple Met Rishi and decided to pick it up and read it despite the very strange fact that a grown person named her protagonist Dimple on purpose.



Reviews for When Dimple Met Rishi seem to fall in two distinct camps.  There is the “Oh this book is perfect, I loved it, these are my favorite people on earth, I need more” camp and then there is the “DNF – this book is a scourge to all mankind” camp.  I am happily in the middle, it neither changed my life nor annoyed me in any way.  I can firmly say… it’s cute and you probably won’t regret investing a couple of days of your long life in reading it.



Dimple (!) and Rishi are children of Indian immigrants who have just graduated high school and are ready to take on the world.  Dimple is a feisty, opinionated, very American girl who has zero interest in her mother’s dream for her to find an Appropriate Indian Husband™ and all she wants to do is go to a summer coding program (same) and eventually become a world famous web developer.  What she doesn’t know is that her parents only agreed to let her go to InsomniaCon because they know that Rishi, her intended husband, will be there as well.



Rishi is something of a hopeless romantic, along the lines of Cosette from Les Miserables, without all the pesky life experience, falling in love with Marius after seeing him for one second because he is the only boy her age still alive.  Rishi is, in fact, probably insane but in a pretty adorable way.  He is traditional and trusting and believes that his parents can probably make a better decision about who he spends his life with than he can (and … who knows, maybe that’s true) so he is completely fine with this whole bizarre plan and can’t wait to get to the summer program to meet Dimple.  Again, he has agreed to marry someone called Dimple sight unseen so not for nothing: he is a Nice Boy.



When Dimple meets Rishi… things go poorly.  Dimple spends a lot of time telling him how this will not work before realizing it will probably work and no one knows anything and we’re all going to be miserable in marriage anyway so why not marry someone your parents like?  This is not the actual story line but you get me.  It’s light and cute and there is a Bollywood dance in there so it’s most likely more fun than whatever you’re reading now so go ahead and try it.



When Dimple Met Rishi – Grade B-