One time a boy kissed me and I almost died…

So right away… relatable. Until you figure out that the first sentence of this book is literal. Jubilee Jenkins is allergic to people. Literally allergic to other human beings, and cannot come in contact with them physically. Her (fictitious, I checked) condition is very rare and there is no cure, and after a childhood spent in fear and disappointment, she has become a recluse. When the story starts, she has been living alone inside her house for nine years, since she left high school and her mother left her to remarry and she declined to move along with her. Now her mother has passed away and she has to figure out how to support herself by going out into that terrifying world.

Can you imagine how handy this condition would be? Can’t go out tonight, you know, allergic to people! Gotta stay home and read! It’s not my fault that I’m single and no one loves me; remember the allergy! Geez, that would really be something. I’m allergic to rice wine vinegar but that only gets me out of going to eat sushi.

Close Enough to Touch was definitely interesting and I enjoyed reading it a lot. A lot of things happen for Jubilee in a convenient and quick way, which was somewhat unbelievable – it’s hard to find a job, make a friend and meet a man all in a very short period of time, but she manages it. I didn’t mind this expedience; there is enough complexity in each of the story lines to keep things interesting.

This book will be released in March – thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the advanced copy – and I think it will do well. Colleen Oakley also wrote Before I Go which I also enjoyed.

Grade – B+