Me by Jan 2
Me by Jan 2

Welcome to 2017! Does anyone have any fun reading goals this year? I was contemplating the Read Harder Challenge, but I think I will modify it to suit my lazy ass needs, sort of a Read A Little Harder When You Feel Like It But Otherwise Just Enjoy Yourself Girl, You Deserve It challenge.   I’ve set my Goodreads goal at 100, which is the same I had for 2016. I wound up reading 116 books last year but this year I have made a (non-legally binding) resolution to get a life, so I’m sticking with 100! Hurrah!?



I did get some reading done over the break, but not as much as I would have predicted. I forgot to factor in that I would spend the entirety of New Years Day on the couch re-watching Seasons 2 and 3 of Sherlock in anticipation of the new season. I also did not foresee my two-week rediscovery of The Office, which I have to say, was really a very funny show. I mean, also I worked and saw family and stuff, but really it was mostly Netflix to blame for my focus loss.



A few of the books I read when my attention wasn’t entirely on Benedict Cumberbatch:



  1. Winter Storms by Elin Hildebrand… don’t judge me. Sometimes you need a little Elin Hildebrand in your life and this is the third in a series (Winter series – There was Winter Street and Winter Stroll…see what she did there?) and I already read the other two and why am I justifying this to you? They focus on one family, the Quinn family, in Nantucket, and they are just cozy and fun and there is one absolutely bananas scene in which there is a baby shower (or bridal shower? I’ve already forgotten) and the person giving the shower gives out a book as a party favor and that book is written by Elin Hildebrand and then I died laughing. I mean… what? I liked it, please don’t take my blog away.



  1. Sisters, One, Two, Three by Nancy Star was next. This was a Kindle First book (free) but I enjoyed it and would definitely buy it. It is a sprawling story about another family and the aftermath of a summer tragedy that happens on Martha’s Vineyard when the four Tangle children are young. I have two sisters and a brother, and the dynamics in this story feel real and relatable. It is a quick read with some heavy subjects but never felt depressing.



  1. I also read Lab Girl by Hope Jahren. Sometimes, when the treacle was threatening to overwhelm me, I switched over to this book, which is a nonfiction memoir of Dr. Jahren, who is a genius scientist. I have seen this everywhere the last few months, but having a decidedly unscientific mind, I have been a bit intimidated to pick it up. I am glad I finally did, because it was great. I think she has permanently altered the way I look at plants and trees, and her fascination and research is very interesting; but the best parts of this narrative are about her relationship with her lab partner and their work together. And, as you can imagine, her experiences as a woman in the sciences are challenging. I wish I had read this in a hard copy, I wanted to flip around a lot but I struggled with the Kindle.



Winter Storms: B- (but you know you want to)


Sisters One, Two, Three: B (solid)


Lab Girl: A- (Don’t be afraid)