Real talk: I have, what some in my life have described as a Gilmore Girls Problem (GGP). If you have been living under a rock, or are one of those people that I’m surely not friends with, who think that television is a waste of time, Gilmore Girls is a show starring Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel, that went off the air like eight years ago. It was a dramedy (comedra? I’m making words up) about a mother and daughter only sixteen years apart who were weirdly close and connected and about the bizarre town they live in called Stars Hollow. It was pure comfort food entertainment for me, which I watched faithfully during its seven year run, and, thanks to Netflix, which I still watch at least once a week now. This doesn’t make it a problem; I still leave the house and am gainfully employed, I promise. GG is the kind of show that you can just pick up anywhere and feel like you just sat down on a comfortable couch with a glass of wine in your hand. Other examples in this genre for me? Ugly Betty, Parks and Recreation, Jane the Virgin, 30 Rock. For me, I just press play and my mind fills with Serotonin. Don’t judge me, I know it’s not curing the bird flu, but it’s not killing anyone either.



If you’re still under that big rock, you may not have heard that Gilmore Girls has been rebooted by Netflix, and was made into one last season (OR IS IT?  YOU GUYS… THAT CLIFFHANGER) via four 90-minute episodes, which were released over Thanksgiving.   I, of course, devoured these as quickly as possible, and will save my in depth review for my non-existent television blog, but suffice it to say when I stopped crying from happiness I really enjoyed it! Not coincidentally, Lauren Graham released her second book just afterwards (Finally! I swear I was getting somewhere, just hang tight) called Talking As Fast As I Can. Graham previously wrote a very readable novel, Someday Someday Maybe, because this is one talented woman, which I also recommend.



The new book isn’t a novel, more of a collection of personal essays about her life. They are light and funny, with few vulnerable moments, and quite entertaining. Having your own GGP will be almost critical to enjoying these, as she focuses mainly on stories about working on Gilmore Girls, and also Parenthood (another chicken pot pie television situation – but this time with Jason Ritter!) with behind the scenes type glimpses of her life.



Lauren Graham is a bright and funny storyteller and it’s weird to me that we are not friends irl but not in a stalker way, please don’t involve the authorities, thank you. I listened to the audiobook, which is narrated by my close friend Lauren Graham, and she does a great job. Overall I loved it because of course I was going to. Good job, girlfriend.



Grade – A (for my fellow GGP people); B (for everyone else out there who is dead inside)