“Wear the Spanx. You might not want to squeeze them over your ass in the morning, but when you see that mac and cheese at lunch (do it, you beautiful monster) you’ll be glad they’re there, doing the lord’s work.” Anna Kendrick, Scrappy Little Nobody

Anna Kendrick is pretty great; let’s just get that settled up front. If you are unfamiliar with her work… well, that would weirdly make sense. She is a young Broadway star who is also an Academy Award Nominee (Up In The Air) who was also in two blockbuster summer type movies (Pitch Perfect). These are all incredible accomplishments, and yet she still somewhat flies under the radar. She defines herself as “unusually small, weird, and 10% defiant”. This is a girl I can relate to, even though obviously her life is not relatable at all.



I listened to her book, Scrappy Little Nobody, on Audible, and she was the narrator. I honestly laughed all the way through it, and once, cried through it, unfortunately while walking around Target like a nut but yes, thank you, I will take this whole aisle to myself. The book is a collection of autobiographical essays of her life, and her delivery is perfect. This book is funnier than other memoirs that I’ve read lately, even ones written by comedians.



Anna’s stories take us through the start of her career, at thirteen when she starred on Broadway and also went to middle school, through her move from Maine to Los Angeles and her struggles breaking in to the business. The stories about her somewhat early screen success on Up In The Air are great, where she is on a press tour hitting glamorous parties and awards shows, but also not working during this time and almost not able to pay her rent. She is in an airy dream job, with the absolute soul of a farmer.  She is a lot of things, but she is not a nobody.



We also get a good insight into her personal life and find, unsurprisingly at this point that relationships suck for everyone, even when George Clooney is on your speed dial. This book is light and funny and easy to read. This is a great book to listen to, if that’s your thing. I listened to it at the same time I was reading Listen To Me, which scared the shit out of me, tbh, so it was a nice contrast. Recommended for anyone who enjoys memoirs, this one has less of the heartbreak, more of the funny.



Grade – B