Friday On My Mind is the fifth in Nicci French’s series that features psychotherapist Frieda Klein as our amateur sleuth, set in London. Frieda is not the most likeable character, to be honest, but I adore her. She is pretty much incapable of lying to anyone, which isn’t always the best tack, especially when someone is trying to kill you. It is helpful, but not totally necessary, to have read the previous four books, because there is a lot of backstory, especially about her Scooby gang of friends and helpers. While Frieda can alienate a lot of people with her abrasive personality, her friends are fiercely loyal to her, and they are wonderful in all kinds of ways.



In Friday, a bloated corpse is found floating in the Thames, unrecognizable except for a hospital band around his wrist with the words “Dr. F. Klein”.   The dead man is eventually identified as Sandy, whom readers of previous books will remember as an ex lover, and Frieda soon becomes the main suspect in his murder.



While she maintains her innocence, she has lost some credibility with the London police. I won’t get too far into it, but there is a running story line where a man is stalking Frieda that everyone believes is dead… so the police are a little tired of answering her wolf cries.   When she believes the police are closing in while ignoring other clues, Frieda goes on the run to solve the mystery herself.



This is a fun series that I really enjoy. There is a psychological aspect that in always interesting. Also, London! I recommend them if you enjoy mystery series that are more bloody than cozy but still not disturbing or overly graphic.



Grade – B+