It’s been a hell of a week here in post-apocalyptic America.  I can’t quite bring myself to turn on the television so it’s been a lot of reading and a lot of the excellent The Crown on Netflix.  When facing certain death by totalitarian regime, I find it’s best to keep the reading material frothy, so I have read three new light(ish) books for when your anxiety hits 11.



The first is Everything We Keep by Kerry Lonsdale which I have seen everywhere lately and because I very much do judge books by their cover, I assumed this would be fairly escapist.  I was hoping for something I could concentrate on but that wasn’t too sad or violent.  I don’t know why I assumed a book about a woman getting over her dead fiancé wouldn’t be sad, but again, that girl on the cover has a cute braid so how dark could it get?  I would have been fine with formulaic and fine with a simple love story but I am happy to say that this was much more.



The story centers on Aimee Tierney, a young sous chef (we know I love food details in books) who finds herself burying her fiancé James on what was meant to be their wedding day.  He has died in a boating accident on a business trip to Mexico and naturally she is reeling.  Immediately after this, her parents decide to close down the restaurant that they own where she works (thanks mom and dad!  Great timing!) which gives her the push she needs to reimagine her future.  She starts to piece her life back together with help from her friends and through her dream of opening a restaurant of her own and even a possible new friendship that could grow into more.  At the same time, she starts to dig further into the details of James’ accident and starts to realize there may be a lot more to it than she originally thought.



The story is original, and not what I expected it to be.  Even halfway through it I didn’t really understand where we were going, it’s quite unpredictable.  Overall I liked the storyline, which toggles between the present day with Aimee trying to get on with her life, and flashes back to their life together.  The twists were a bit confusing and not totally believable, but pretty fun, and the ending leaves us ready for a sequel.  Pleasantly surprised.


Grade – B+