Let’s just say right off the bat, Today Will Be Different is not Where’d You Go, Bernadette. And people shouldn’t really expect anything like that comic masterpiece; it’s not even fair to compare them. I mean, who would do that?


Me. I did that.


I wanted this to be the same or as good or better, but it’s not. Which does not mean that it isn’t good – because it is. It is hilarious and weird and relatable and interesting. But there is no Bernadette, she is gone and she is fictional, and you really have to let that go before you pick it up, Andrea, or you’re setting yourself up for disappointment. Phew, got that out of my system.


Not-Bernadette is Eleanor Flood, an artist and mother living in Seattle (the Seattle jokes, at least, continue with flourish) who is going to be a better person today. Because Today Will be Different. Today, she will actually go to yoga, instead of just wearing the clothes. Today she will be nice to her fellow parents at her son Timby’s ridiculous school. Today she will initiate sex with her husband and she will not dwell on her relationship with her estranged sister.


I can relate because I do this thing when I get into my car every morning. I delay the morning music or podcast or audiobook, and just drive in silence and try to come up with my intentions for the day. It’s all very Tiny Buddha of me, I know, but it’s weirdly relaxing and sometimes it works for almost an hour before something makes my head want to explode and I forget every word of it. So I get it, I do.


The book all takes place in one memorable day, where Timby (honestly I would read a whole book about this kid, I loved him) pretends to be sick to get out of school and then they discover that her husband is missing and try to find him. There are several flashbacks that fill in details about Eleanor’s childhood and her relationship with her sister, which are all very sad but told in a funny way. The flashbacks pulled me out of the story a little bit, but I really enjoyed this book. I would recommend reading it quickly, I tried to fit it in during a very busy week and I think it would read better as a one or two day binge.


Grade – B