Drew Barrymore is adorable and charming, and you can’t help but root for her. We all (think we) know a lot about her life, especially her early life, but her memoir Wildflower goes surprisingly deep. The book is a series of essays about her life, which are not in chronological order – not an easy thing for someone with OCD to read – where Drew shows many different sides of herself. Of course I knew that she was an actress, and a producer, but she is also a humanitarian and an entrepreneur.


Wildflower tells tales about many famous people and some behind the scenes type of information from her films. If you’re in it for the dirt (to be honest…I kind of was) you’re probably not going to be too satisfied, because she is exceedingly kind and sweet, even when talking about some really hard subjects. She does not go too far into details about her struggles with addiction in the past, and comes across as very balanced and healthy. I really liked the stories about how life was for her after she was emancipated from her mother at age 14. She is passionate and interesting and I’m semi irritated that we aren’t friends.


Grade – B