Fair notice, I’m on a memoir kick. This happens to me occasionally, usually when I’m not writing, where I want to read memoirs or essays from people who I’m interested in to figure out why they started writing and why I can’t. You’ll Grow Out of It by Jessi Klein is hilarious. If you aren’t familiar with her, Jessi is a comedian and writer, probably most well known for writing on Amy Schumer’s show, Inside Amy Schumer.


You’ll Grow Out of It is a collection of stories from her life that kind of jumps all over the place but never feels disjointed. They were all very relatable, super vulnerable and crazy honest… this girl is brave. And so, so funny.  I adore her. I listened to the audiobook and did a lot of unexpected giggling getting strange looks from people, but I didn’t care. She is, like me, something of a late bloomer, and I suspect her outsider status is going to feel familiar to everyone. I loved her take on relationships and dating and family and love and writing and work.


Highly recommend if you are enjoy reading memoirs, and if you aren’t… well, sorry about the next 2 reviews I’m about to do.


Grade – A-