For everyone who knows there was enough room for Leonardo DiCaprio on that door.

And for England. We’re really sorry for what we’re about to do to your history.”


Funny, right? Great way to start a book. And let me be the 100th person to say… this book is bananas. People are going crazy for it. My Lady Jane is an amusing, romantic, very weird book about Lady Jane Grey, a cousin of Edward VI, who was the Queen of England for nine days before losing her lovely head as a casualty of a plot to put Mary Tudor on the throne. The book brushes up against actual history without being at all historically accurate.


At sixteen, Lady Jane Grey is married off very much against her will to a stranger, who is the son of King Edward’s regent Lord Dudley. The story is told from the point of view of Jane, her new husband G, and King Edward and the voices are individual and strong. When Edward dies, the story jumps in to gear with the plan to place Jane on the throne before either of Henry VIII’s daughters can claim it. The surprise here (not a spoiler, it’s right on the cover) is that there is a magical fantasy element to the story, in that some people in this time have the ability to morph into animals (okay).


It is utterly ridiculous, but not in a bad way.


There are so many 5 star reviews on Goodreads that I kind of think there was a mistake and maybe I read the wrong book. It was cute, it was wildly different, and A+ for effort, but I didn’t love it. Part of the problem for me is that I read numerous times that My Lady Jane was similar in humor to The Princess Bride. And you can’t just go around in life throwing comparisons to The Princess Bride around. It is hands down my favorite movie of all time, so probably my expectations got raised past a reasonable level and possibly the book would have been better without that comparator. But I’m all for rewriting history for happy endings.


Grade – B-