What I fully imagine the inside of Gillian Flynn's  brain looks like
What I fully imagine the inside of Gillian Flynn’s brain looks like

First appearing in George R. R. Martin’s excellent anthology, Rogues, “The Grownup” is a short story by Gillian Flynn.  Yes, of Gone Girl fame.  If you have read any of her other books (and you should) you already know that Flynn is a dark and twisty chick, and her writing for me is about as bold as it gets.


The Grownup is a sort of ghost story – which I keep telling you I don’t really read and then I keep reading them, so maybe I do?  The main character is interestingly unnamed, a young woman who is barely making it in her life’s work of perpetrating fraud and minor misdemeanors.  One day she is hard at work reading auras when Susan Burke, a rich, beautiful, terrified woman walks in looking for help cleansing her possibly haunted Victorian home.  Sensing an opportunity to make some money off of an idiot, she eagerly accepts the job because how hard is it to smudge some sage and lavender around and then catch up her reading, she thinks?


Pretty quickly, she realizes this is way more than she bargained for and everything spirals out of control in this eerie house filled with crazy people.  The Grownup is a quick, fun, creepy read with an ending you will never predict.


Grade – B