There are moments in time where you cannot be reading, even though you really want to be. Like when you are driving (the Highway Patrol discourages it) or trying to get to 10,000 frigging steps on your frigging Fitbit so you are forced to go outside and frigging run because it’s enough already with the chubby. For these unfortunate scenarios, luckily we have audiobooks. While I fought this for a long time, I finally broke down and just got an Audible account because what is another $15 a month on books… and now I don’t have to haunt the libraries for decent audiobooks.

I ‘read’ much differently when it’s an audiobook – I read different books; books that I’ve read before, or classics, or thrillers that I wouldn’t normally buy and read. This is mostly because I can’t be as consistent with my time, so I need something I can follow easily and can jump back into if I’ve been distracted by traffic or rattlesnakes. But the key piece of information that drives my selection on audiobooks is narrator. The best book on earth can be destroyed by a bad narrator, and it is truly heartbreaking. Luckily Audible allows a five minute sample so you are relatively sure you can handle it for 8 – 12 hours, which is a standard book length.


I just listened to Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie. I LOVE Agatha Christie, full stop. Hers were the first mystery books I ever read when I was a kid, and I still re-read them often.   I thought a mystery would be fun and then went online and realized that Dan Stevens, from Downton Abbey, was the narrator. So, I repeat… Matthew Crawley wants to read you an Agatha Christie book? Yes, thank you!


The story is just as fun as I remembered, a murder aboard a luxurious train ride through Europe, Hercule Poirot in all his glory, a locked room puzzle??? Yes! I do have to say, of course, that some of it is dated and oh so politically incorrect (He has been stabbed 15 times! Must have been someone very emotional… like a woman. Or a Latin! Ha…) but the complicated solutions are just amazing, she is my mystery idol.


Super fun for a classic re-read!


Grade – A