Did you hear a hysterical squeal from my house last week when I realized that this book exists?  Well, there was one.  First let me say this… I read YA novels, so get off my jock.  Most of the time, since I get most of my book recommendations from Goodreads and because I rarely finish reading articles, and because I read on a Kindle so I never see covers… I didn’t know this was a YA novel.  And either way, I don’t care.  Because good writing and good stories transcend genre and some books, like The Book Thief, The Fault In Our Stars, and every Harry Potter past Chamber of Secrets, are simply literature any way you look at it.

A Study in Charlotte is the first in a planned trilogy of new mystery books starring Charlotte Holmes, the sixteen year old great-great-great-granddaughter of Sherlock Holmes and her friend Jamie Watson.  They meet at Sherringford, a Connecticut prep school, where they have both been exiled for predictable reasons, and are thrown together due to their families shared past.  Soon enough, a series of adventures results in their being framed for murder and then, well … the game is afoot (sorry, I’m not sorry).

This book is funny, smart and suspenseful, and completely loyal to the original Adventures of Sherlock Holmes books in tone and detail.  It’s not perfect, but it is fun as hell so don’t bore me with detailed critique because I’m all in.  I wrapped this up in two days and now have a great urge to go back and throw myself into some Arthur Conan Doyle.

Grade – A-