I fully believe that the parts of my sometimes weird personality that are the weirdest are as a direct result from worshiping Roald Dahl as a child. I will only take responsibility for, or blame my family for, so much.   After that, it’s all Dahl. From Matilda to Fantastic Mr. Fox to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to James and the Giant Peach, I devoured these books over and over all through my childhood, and… let’s just be honest here, to this day. Dahl was a weirdo and a genius and is partially responsible for my addiction to reading and I will write until I die trying to pay homage to him.

Just in case you have not heard, one of the best ones, The BFG, has been made into a movie and is coming out this summer. This is a wonderful story about a girl named Sophie who is captured by a giant, but luckily he is one of the good ones. When I heard they were making a movie I had a mini-panic attack, worrying that someone is going to ruin one of my favorite memories, but then I heard that Steven Spielberg made it, and that helped. Then I saw the trailer, and I could have only been happier if someone had told me that it starred Benedict Cumberbatch. It does not, even though someone missed a huge opportunity there since his name already practically sounds like a Giant… but I can’t think of everything for you people. The trailer is here, and is amazing!

You Tube Trailer The BFG