Summary – what the fricking hell is going on in this book?  I don’t know, keep reading, it will make sense at the end.  Oh, wait.  Nope.

I don’t really even know how to talk about this book but the New York Times called it a Notable book of 2015.  Okay.  Basically it’s about a woman named Josephine who seems to be in a fever dream or super high on drugs for most of the book, who works in a windowless office building all alone and does never ending data entry with no context at all and a boss who may or may not be the undead?  She is living in a nameless city that I assume for no real reason is New York, with a husband of no discernable personality, who disappears for stretches of time with no explanation.  It gets weirder and creepier from here without ever really descending into terror.  It kept me at a level 4 (checking the backseat of my car before getting in, leaping from the bathroom to my bed so the killer under the bed can’t grab my feet) fright factor for days.

I sound sarcastic here but that is only because I generally enjoy reading books that I in some way understand.  Also I am always sarcastic.  I didn’t understand most of this (Work will kill your soul?  Maybe there was an apocalypse and we failed to mention it?  Either the author or I dropped some acid at some point?) However, I did have a pretty great time reading it.  Mostly I admire someone who took a flying leap away from convention with their writing and mostly succeeded, but also I think it was fun to think about when I was away from it.

I recommended it to one friend who texted me “this is totally fucked up.  I love it” and one friend who didn’t get past page 50, so proceed with caution.

Grade – B