Right away, I have to say that I’m about done with books that are describes as ‘for fans of Gone Girl– yeah Gone Girl was a good book, I enjoyed it a lot.  However, not every book that has a marriage in it (most) or have secrets (obviously) or have a twist (why else are we reading it?) are ‘like Gone Girl’.  Let’s just all take the Gone Girl mania down a notch, shall we?  Anywho, this is another one that is billed that way – although they also throw in The Girl on the Train as a comparator because, why not.  Ugh.  I assume these decisions were not Fiona Barton’s to make, so I am not holding it against her.

Okay, so yes, it’s about a shitty marriage, a possible hideous crime, a wife that might know more than she seems, another flavor of evil man, an accident which might be murder, sure.  It’s all in there like a popular novel bingo game and it mostly works.  Fiona Barton has messed with the timeline a bit, which is pretty entertaining and it kept me going even though I was a little bit bored.  The problem, and there are a few, that I had with this book is how little I liked anyone in the story.  Like, anyone.  I like to root for someone and that wasn’t easy, but I settled on the police detective.  His character was well flushed out, heroic but very human and he at least had measured responses that were relatable.  I would read a book with him as a protagonist.

So, I’m not going to go too far into the plot, because honestly the Amazon description gives you 90% of it.  I’ll just say that I read it quickly, it kept my interest and I’ve already forgotten most of it.

Grade – B-