I’m going to start this list, not with the most recent book I’ve read, but with the most recent book I’ve read that I loved.  Things may go downhill from here, but it’s good to start out on a high note, I think.  The Improbability of Love is a super fun read from Hannah Rothschild, and it is her first novel.  This amazes me, because it is so complex and layered and rich with interesting characters.  The protagonist, Annie McDee, is a chef working for art dealers in London while recovering from a broken heart.  So, right off the bat here we have combined four of my favorite things (Food, England, Art and People Who’ve Lived Through Heartache) and I’m in.  She’s a funny, scrappy, mess of a girl and I fell in love with her quickly.

Through a series of events, she acquires a painting from a thrift shop which she assumes is worthless but pretty, but it turns out to be a lost masterpiece and shit quickly gets real.  The story is told through many different characters who have many different motives to acquire the painting.  The most fun character is the painting itself, which is an unexpected twist that makes the whole story fantastic.

I especially enjoyed how deep this book takes you behind the scenes of the London art world.  I can always tell when I’m enjoying a book a lot when I start to deliberately slow down my reading so that I can make it last.  Even with the forced slower pace, I still finished it in a couple of days.

Grade A-